What is the scope of the car inspection performed in the auto repair shop within the service?

The scope of the car inspection:
  • Vehicle lighting control
  • Rear/front wiper condition control
  • Oil level control
  • Brake fluid level control
  • Coolant level control
  • Oil level control in the power steering system
  • Washer fluid level control
  • Visible engine leaks inspection
  • Tire pressure control
  • Determination of the tire condition including tread height
  • Suspension control (e.g. loose bearings, oil leaks in shock absorbers)
  • Steering system control
  • Control of brake pads and discs, both front and rear
  • Brake system cables control
  • Drive system control – condition of joint covers, connections
  • Exhaust system control- condition and tightness
  • Battery status control and charging test
  • Extinguisher validity control