Inter Cars GO is a remote car diagnostics service, which includes a mobile application and a diagnostic device installed in your car. The service provides live car monitoring and diagnostics. The service allow you to eliminate faults and improve the performance of your car. Under the offer, you will get a free inspection of car in the car workshop and Assistance Insurance for Europe valid for one year. Everything you need as a driver to ensure yourself peace of mind and mobility wherever you are.
The application has the following features:
  • – Repair recommendations directly from the mechanic
  • – Reminders about key dates, including insurance and periodic inspection dates, recommendations, car workshops visits
  • – List of trusted car workshops
  • – Online booking of your car workshops visits
  • – Car condition monitoring
  • – Error alerts with a suggested solution
  • – Maintenance plan adjusted to the current condition of your car
  • – Discounts, personalized services and product offers
To take full advantage of Inter Cars GO you will need: – an Android smartphone to download the mobile application and pay for the service – a car from the list HERE, not older than 15 years – a diagnostic device which you will receive during a car workshop visit made to activate the Inter Cars GO service. – Internet connection in your phone
Monthly fee for the Inter Cars GO service is PLN 29.90 and if you pay for a year in advance it is PLN 23,25 /monthly (the total amount to be paid is PLN 279).
The diagnostic device and the smartphone are connected via Bluetooth.
You can find the device PIN on the box and on your device.
To activate the Inter Cars GO service, download the Inter Cars GO application from the Google Play Store, install it, register, add a car, and then pay for the service by choosing one of the subscription plans. The next step is to schedule a visit (“Inter Cars GO Activation”) in one of our partner car workshops (LIST OF CAR WORKSHOPS) in order to carry out a free inspection of your car, install a diagnostic device and pair it via Bluetooth with a mobile application. After completing these steps, you can take full advantage of the service.
You can buy the subscription only if you are logged in to the application. Then you go from the offer information screen or from the Settings level to the subscription selection page, you select the type of payment, and then proceed to payment.
Payments are handled by PayU, a service you can pay by e-transfers or BLIK or credit card.
A diagnostic device will be installed in your car by an auto mechanic during an auto repair shop visit ( LIST OF AUTO REPAR SHOPS ). You can schedule a visit through your mobile application by clicking the “book a visit” button, and then selecting from the list a service called: “Inter Cars GO Activation”.
It is not possible to order the diagnostic device itself. It is an integral part of the Inter Cars GO service. You will receive it during a visit to one of our partner car workshops after downloading the mobile application, paying for the service and booking a visit.
You can install the diagnostic device in one of our partner car workshops. Check the list of car workshops offering Inter Cars GO Activation service. List of partner auto repair shops where you can install the device
After installation of the diagnostic device the following data about your car will be read: – battery status – current mileage – engine operational parameters (current speed, engine cooling temperature) – diagnostic error codes (DTC Error Codes). The number of additional parameters – fuel level, oil temperature etc. may vary depending on the car model.
A visit in the car workshop including the installation of a diagnostic device and free inspection of your car shall take about 30 minutes.
The contract is concluded for a period of 12 months, there are several subscription models – a subscription fee is paid monthly or for a year in advance. In any case, you can withdraw from the contract with one month’s notice. More information on the termination of the contract can be found in Section 7 of the Terms of Service.
To get the Assistance Package, you should download the Inter Cars GO application from the Google Play Store and pay for the service. Assistance is a free bonus that you receive as part of the service. Remember that your car cannot be older than 15 years to be covered by insurance.
The scope of the car inspection:
  • Vehicle lighting control
  • Rear/front wiper condition control
  • Oil level control
  • Brake fluid level control
  • Coolant level control
  • Oil level control in the power steering system
  • Washer fluid level control
  • Visible engine leaks inspection
  • Tire pressure control
  • Determination of the tire condition including tread height
  • Suspension control (e.g. loose bearings, oil leaks in shock absorbers)
  • Steering system control
  • Control of brake pads and discs, both front and rear
  • Brake system cables control
  • Drive system control – condition of joint covers, connections
  • Exhaust system control- condition and tightness
  • Battery status control and charging test
  • Extinguisher validity control
The list of cars the Inter Cars GO service is available can be found HERE.
A diagnostic device is usually connected in the car’s cabin or the place under the dashboard. Depending on the car make or model, the socket can be located in different places. The list with possible locations of the diagnostic socket can be found
Yes, if you are a registered Driver’s Zone user at Motointegrator.com, you can log in to the Inter Cars GO application with the same data.
At the moment, the Inter Cars GO application is not available for iOS smartphones. We plan to launch an iOS version at the beginning of 2021.
Complaint can be submitted electronically by sending it to the e-mail address kontaktmi@intercars.eu or by sending a paper statement to Dział Reklamacji Inter Cars S.A. ul. Zgrupowania AK “Kampinos” 15, 01-943 Warszawa. Detailed information on the complaint process can be found in Section 9 of the Terms of Service .
A sales document will be generated upon payment and sent electronically to the e-mail address within 7 days of purchase. An invoice can be generated upon request sent to the e-mail address kontaktmi@intercars.eu .
If the application does not connect to the diagnostic device, try to reset the application and log in again. Then pair the device with the application again. If you still have a problem, please contact the Inter Cars Support Center on + 48 22 714 11 11. Remember that when pairing the device with the application your Internet connection must be active and the car engine must be running.
If you have a problem with payment for the service, please contact the Inter Cars Support Center at: +48 22 714 11 11 or report it to us in writing at the following e-mail address:  kontaktmi@intercars.eu
The car will not lose its warranty after installation of a Inter Cars GO diagnostic device in it.
The technical parameters of the diagnostic device are: ARM CORTEX M4 processor System clock – 168 MHz Flash memory – 1 Mb RAM – 196 Kb Dual independent HS CAN controllers CAN interface 5 HS ISO 9141-2 Bidirectional interface on K and L lines SAE J1850 Interface optional in a future version Power supply – nominal 12 V, operating current
We want to make sure that before you start using the application and diagnostic device your car is inspected in one of our partner car workshops. Thus, you can be sure that your car is in working order and ready to drive.
Due to the fact that in some vehicles the Start/Stop function used, the car data from the last ride will be updated in the application when you hit the road again and connect to the diagnostic device.
DTC errors, otherwise called Diagnostic Trouble Codes, are errors provided by the car’s computer, indicating specific irregularities that appear in the car’s components.
The manufacturer of the diagnostic device we offer is the Italian company TEXA – the market leader in diagnostic devices.

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